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Project Engineering

BB Automacao Inc. manufactures custom-made Permanent Magnets and Hall Effect sensors for your applications. Our strategy is to combine local competitive advantages to generate the most value possible:

  • Our office in New York guarantees a first class customer service and engineering support

  • Our certified manufacturers in China provide the best magnets & sensors pricing available

  • Our Chinese team interfaces the processes providing technical translation & cultural intermediation.


BB Automacao Inc.
Our Certified
  • Local Engineering

  • Account Management

  • Supervision of Manufacturing

  • Quality Assurance

  • Importing Procedures

  • Prototype and Tooling

  • Sample Manufacturing

  • Material Purchasing

  • Order Manufacturing

  • Exporting Procedures


The result of this combination of strengths is a premium quality manufacturing at prices rarely matched by other magnet specialists.  In addition, our products are manufactured in accordance to international standards, including:

  • ISO 9000, IEC 688-1992, RoHS

  • Patent Certificates, when applicable

  • Specific standards to meet individual needs

American and Canadian companies have been converting to our products in place of their previous sources for magnets and hall effect sensors, relying on our technical expertise to develop new magnetic products.

The Manufacturing Flow

A. Inquiry and Choice

  1. Selection of our best manufacturer for your magnet/sensor project
  2. Quote for raw materials and manufacturing processes
  3. Development of prototype and sample production
  4. Technical documentation and Manufacturing contract

B. Production

  1. Procurement of raw materials and semi-finishedproducts
  2. Supervision of the entire production cycle
  3. Solution of technical problems and safeguarding production capacities

C. Quality Assurance

  1. Quality control management
  2. Quality assurance in accordance to US, UE, and other international quality standards (ISO, CE, etc.)
  3. Meeting of individual guidelines and standards

D. Logistics

  1. Selection of freight forwarder
  2. Provision of Insurance
  3. Shipment by sea or air
  4. Custom clearance
  5. Delivery to final destination