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Hall Effect Sensors / Switch

Hall Effect Sensors

Applications within the automotive, aerospace and industrial electronics. Vane Sensors, Vane Switches, Voltage Sensors, Voltage Switches, Gear Tooth Sensors, Gear Tooth Switches, offering:

  • direction detection

  • linear sensing

  • speed sensing

  • position sensing

  • gear-tooth sensing

  • contactless switching

Our sensors & devices are packaged to be immune to dust, dirt, and water. Hall effect devices are the leading position sensors on the market.

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Hall effect and Current Measurement

Discovered in 1879 by Edwin H. Hall (1855 – 1938), the Hall field results from the force exerted by the magnetic field on the moving particles of the current. The Hall effect can be used to measure certain properties of current carriers as well as to detect the presence of a current on a magnetic field.

Hall Effect Sensors Diagram
Hall effect Sensor Diagram
1. Electrons (not conventional current)
2. Hall element / sensoring device
3. Magnets
4. Magnetic field
5. Power source

In "A", the Hall element takes on a negative charge at the top edge (blue color) and positive at the lower edge (red color). In "B" and "C", either the electric current or the magnetic field is reversed, causing the polarization to reverse. Reversing both current and magnetic field ("D") causes the Hall element to again assume a negative charge at the upper edge.

source: Wikipedia


BB Automacao offers quality and competitive priced Hall Effect Sensors and Hall Effect Switches. Our lines include: hall effect sensors, vane switches, hall effect senders, and professional translation services. Our translation services are tailored to manufacturers, exporters, and other companies conducting business abroad. Vane Sensors are direct replacement for the following Hall Effect Sensors: Siemens / Honeywell HKZ101, HKZ101S, HKZ121, HME301, 2AV54, 2AV16A, 2AV51A, 2AV56, 2AV63, HME56, 2AV31E-J, HME2000, and other parts manufactured by Siemens, Honeywell, MitsubishiAMS, and others.  BB Automacao Vane Sensors are also used as a replacement for the following market products:  Audi Hall Sender, Bmw Hall Sender, Ford Hall Sender, Gm Hall Sender, Honda Hall Sender, Hyundai Hall Sender, Mercedes Benz Hall Sender, and Volvo Hall Sender.

Hall Sender VW 2AV51A, 2AV16A, 2AV63, 2AV56, and 2AV31E-J.

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Replaces HKZ101, HKZ101S, HKZ121, 2AV54,2AV16A, 2AV51A, 2AV56, 2AV63, 2A31E-J from Siemens and others.