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BB Automacao Inc. is a New York corporation specializing in hall effect sensors and technical translation services in general. 
Our mission is to offer quality products at competitive prices. To make this possible, we have integrated
our distribution office in the US to our partner manufacturers in China. Our distribution processes have been streamlined to fulfill your needs in industrial parts for the lowest cost possible. All of this while buying from a local company in the U.S. Additional services include professional translation for languages such as Chinese, Spanish, Russian, German, and French.

Use in the U.S. and Canada

Manufacturers, distributors, engineers, and universities throughout the U.S. and Canada are successfully using our parts. We are proud to guarantee that our sensors, transducers, and magnets perform equally well or better than our competitors’ products at a more competitive pricing. The average life-time for our parts is 100,000 hours of operation. This means more than 10 years of quality work for applications requiring non-stop operation.

RoHS, ISO9000, IEC 688-1992, patent licensing and other certificates are available for our magnets and sensors, and we will be happy to provide relevant references for your industry segment, putting you in a position to make an informed decision when
adopting our products.

BB Automacao supplies hall effect sensors and magnets to hundreds of American and Canadian companies. These are some of our clients, leaders in their industry segments:

Hall Sensor Lines

If any of these sensors are used in your supply chain, we will help you improve your business, creating value, reducing cost, and streamlining processes:

  • Hall Effect Vane Sensors

  • Hall Effect Elements

  • Hall Effect Gear Tooth Sensors

  • Hall Effect Current Sensors

  • Hall Effect Voltage Sensors

  • Hall Proximity Switches

  • Electric Analog Sensors

  • Electric Digital Sensors

  • Transducers

  • Displacement sensors

  • Magneto resistive sensors

  • Hall Capacitive Sensors

Technical Translation Services

Comprehensive line of translation services for companies in the US and abroad:

  • Technical Translations

  • Business Translations

  • Medical Translations

  • Legal Translations

  • Document Translations

  • Language Translations

  • New York Translations

  • San Francisco Translations

  • Website Translations Employee Handbook Translations

  • Localization Translation

  • Legal Translators in Staff